Wallace George du Temple graduated from North Saanich High School in 1959. He studied and graduated with a degree from UBC and a teacher’s certificate from the U of T. His Dad was the commanding officer who oversaw the building of the Victoria International Airport ( The RCAF Patricia Bay Air Station ) in 1939. Since then the family has planted firm and caring roots in peninsula soil. They call it home. Wally has had several careers; as a social worker, as a teacher, as a safari outfitter, and as a golf course manager. He is a writer, a photographer, a canoeist, a riverboat man, a horseman, a carriage driver, a dog team musher and a sailor. Throughout his careers and hobbies, he has kept diaries and journals and letters to his Mom that he now uses as a source for his writing. Other books by Wallace George du Temple include: ‘ARDMORE: Home, Community and Golf’