Wally du Temple has had First Nations friends all his life; first growing up near Pauquachin; later at Musqueam, Lower Post, Chehalis and Chesterfield Inlet. The following albums of photos feature the community project in Chehalis where Wally acted as the co-ordinator to build a Stalo first nation pithouse. The adult students in Wally’s grade twelve matriculation class formed the core of workers while elders provided the guidance, support, and ceremonial blessings with cedar bows and sage. The pithouse was to become a meeting place for people following a sacred session in the sweat lodge. Click here for Pit House photo gallery

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Wally du Temple was a friend of Jim Gilbert first as a young fisherman in the Saanich Inlet and later as an adult. Wally was highly appreciative of Jim Gilbert both as an artist who learned how to carve and draw from First Nations knowledge and as a person who sought to preserve and protect our natural surroundings. Jim agreed to do a limited edition print called ‘KOMUNIKADO’ ( Communication ) It was commissioned for the Universal Esperanto Conference which Wally organized in Vancouver B.C., in July, 1984. Each print was produced by serigraph ( silkscreen ) and limited to 300 prints.

Print production was accomplished by hand, cutting four separate overlay films placed over the original. Silkscreening the four coloured inks was done by hand. Each colour was applied separately, with strict attention paid to precise registering of the colours.

‘Komunikado’ is printed on expensive, hand made French arches buff, textured, 100% rag paper, of neutral P.H. – G.S.M. 280.
Each print was quality, approved, numbered, titled, and signed by the artist.

All films applied to the screens were destroyed after printing, guaranteeing this graphic will never be produced ever again as a limited edition print.

Only ten of these prints remain available for purchase at a price of $150.00 each. Contact the website administrator.