Fight the Thought Enablers of Climate Inaction

To provoke reactions I will call ‘thought enablers’ of climate inaction ‘crocodiles’. I am not accusing some people of being crocodiles. I am accusing the ‘meme’ or ‘thought enabler’. Those ‘memes’ swim in ideologies that foster inaction. Like ‘genes’ they fight for relevance and procreation. One ‘croc’ is the deity of technology. We don’t need […]


Fragrances   Sitting on a jet plane Flying to Tahiti on Tahiti Nui To cruise on Aranui I read Enroute Of fragrances. Mascara eyelashes that wink me in. ‘Angel Stars of The Skies’ ‘Rudy Lips’ ‘Lady Million’ ‘Lola’ ‘Fahrenheit Absolute’ ‘Trésor in Love’ ‘La nuit de l’ homme’ ‘One Summer’. Tell me Yves St. Laurent […]

Sixty Percent Chance of Caribou Survival – 2017 ( poem )

Sixty Percent Chance of Caribou Survival   Two caribous meet in the Cariboo One asks the other “Where you going to live?” “Don’t know.” “Where is the 65% undisturbed habitat They promised?” What bureaucratic gobble-dee-gooks call The “disturbance management threshold” “Yea, like fences, pavements, ghettos of mall “But what side of the freeway?” “Will they […]