Baby Orca Dies ( Aug 1-8, 2018 )

Baby Orca Dies ( Aug 1-8, 2018 )


This week in the Salish Sea

We witnessed a mothers’ mourning,

Seven times both eve and morning,

Mother Orca carried baby

Swam her up for air by nose

How the family pod arose

To support mother and child.

Dutifully each in turn they filed.

Were they working as first responders?

Did they hope to succeed as resuscitators?

Were they making a political statement?

About pollution and chemical escapement?

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This week in the Sea of Galillee

We witnessed a mothers’ mourning,

Son drowned by wind gusts storming.

How the family group with coffin aloft

Chanted funebrial prayers so sadly soft,

And at Gaza, Palestinian son dead by fire

Carried in protest held ever higher.

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