Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare


Trench warfare.

Blue moon

In fetid puddle.

Red poppy

In no mans’ land


Trench warfare.

Springs and summers


Lovely bride

Where are you?


Trench warfare.

Stars above

Barbed wire.

I’ll be home

By Christmas


Trench warfare

Snow in hair.


Naked bodies.



Trench warfare.

Incoming shells.

Shrapnel, smells

Drifting sulphur

Dust in hair


Trench warfare.

Rat nibbles

Under Orion.

Dead toes!

Autumn leaves.


Trench warfare.

Bell from collapsed chapel

Cannot toll over

Flanders’ moonscape

At Christmas


Over the top!

Cloud covered moon.

Bayonets lowered

Charge to the pipes

Gone too soon!


Sunrise  and summer solstice

Dew droplets.

Over the top!

Cloud covered moon.

Gone to their doom.


Desolate landscape

Angles and tunnels.

Not Stonehenge

Trenches in Europe

A Diachronic of war


Roar of biplane

Over trenches.

Fly boys wink wings

On the western front.

Christmas card.


Clear frost

On barrel sites.

Lee Enfield.

No Christmas pudding,

Smell of gangrene



Over trench mud.

Duck boards

Mud parapets

And sand bags.


‘Stand to’

At dawn

Guns readied,

Snipers and sentries

On the fire step


Trench rats

Eat brother’s body.

No morgue,

Fungal infections.



Melted snow

From shell holes.


Glazed eyes

Shell shock


They perished

In all seasons

From diarrhea, fever

Bombs, shrapnel.

Broken hearts.










About the author : Wally du Temple

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