Boarding At Victoria International Airport ( poem )

I am

Waiting for a boarding call

At Victoria International.

I am looking out of the observation lounge

At storm clouds moving in from the west.

I see rain drops sliding down glass windows.

I am

Thinking of my Dad

He built this airport.

Did he do something sad?

I mean

Like what was the scene?

When he landed the first plane

On this once doe and buck fertile plain

Where once Salish hunted game

Where families gathered purple camas

Was it a romantic colourful canvas?

Where wet lands of ‘tenten’ and Ray creeks

Welcomed the coming of the landing geese?

Do I feel regret that Daddy paved it?

I mean

Should I feel guilt?

I mean

He followed orders as a Wing Commander.

It was storm clouds over Europe

That made RCAF Patricia Bay Air Station

A necessity for the training of fighter pilots

From all over the Commonwealth.

Time to board from the modern terminal building.

Thoughts blow against my head

Like winds against the the windowpane

Time to gather my bags instead.

Oh, it’s a 747

My dad landed an Avro 646

A biplane

In October 1939

About the author : Wally du Temple

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