Written after the passing of

Twyla Roscovich, documentary

film maker, who worked to

protect ‘mother nature’ of the

British Columbia, coastal waters.

20th September 21017



‘Great Bear Rain Forest’

Where did that come from?

‘Great Bear Rain Forest’

From where come that one?

It’s not a native name.



Oh, it’s part of the game

It makes it glamorous

Selling to donors is one aim

Business ways- it helps us

To save, to save pure nature.



About eco trips, those tours?

About animal docs by emerald sea?

You sure we all the more matures?

When we steeps like bags of tea?

Don’t see but messages on twitter?



Oh, it’s part of the criuse ship glitter

To interpret a coastal cruise in style

We teach them to photograph,not  litter

Like it’s going about that extra mile

They get the ‘low down’ on the message



But if the medium muddies the message

The bars, and pools, of Carnival ships

You sure ‘that luxury school’ don’t presage

More in the stories of cheesey chips?

And a world no better for it?



Oh, but I think the whale watchers like it.

Those small infaltables, they got the cure.

Tourists learn respect by the sandy spit

That whales need space, that’s for sure!

Fun seekers for nature on a plaining craft!



They speed home hopeful for an IPA draft!

Speed and the thrill or the next cocktail

That’s not the ‘Difference’, don’t be daft

The heart of resistance is the hidden grail

How to find it is the perrenial quest!





A name is a name for me or a guest

‘Great Bear Rain Forest’ or you choose.

But respect the heritage of the land, lest

We all  fall for the spin of biz- then we’ll all loose

May we find in our hearts the circle of life.




I hear your words while I whittle with knife

I hear your anquish from love ignored.

Be silent, hear non-human singing that’s rife

In meaning for your loves restored

There’re secrets in the wilds of old.


May we honour those who’re bold

Who’ve worked to preserve the preverbal

But used words to film it, get it told

Like ‘ Twyla’ , and others who’re eco-tribal


Now gone from ‘all our relations’!

May we honour them!


Wally DuTemple






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