Selling A Carriage at Intercourse, Pennsylvania

We Sold Our Carriage at Intercourse, Pennsylvania


They say that you can’t sell coal to New Castle. The same could be said about selling horse carriages to the Amish in Pennsylvania. But my son, Evan and I, did just that. A Mrs Doris Ganton had an old jump seat phaeton in her barn. Under dust the finish was peeling, the leather seats cracking and dry. After three years of restoration the carriage had a first drive pulled by  our head donkey at Ardmore golf course where equines grazed the hillsides and third cut. We pulled the elder Christian parents to their sixtieth wedding celebration. After that we were off to the carriage sales in Intercourse, Pennsylvania to prove the maxim wrong. We sold the carriage for a price high enough to pay our expenses and get a free trip, so I guess we sort of sold coal to New Castle!

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