Control Trump with a Regency Act

Control Trump with a Regency Act  ( Written Early In The Presidency of Mr. Trump )


American legislators need to pass a “Regency Act”.

Although the ‘president’ is not a ‘monarch’, should ‘presidential executive powers’ which are similar to royal powers be withdrawn and given to a regency if required by certain conditions?

The ‘regency ’ precedent has long standing. The latest version passed in Britain in 1937 states; that parliament will appoint a regency in the event that the sovereign head of state becomes incapable of discharging the royal functions ( executive powers – analogous ) either on account of the physical infirmity of body, or psychiatric conditions of the mind, or irrational behavior attested to by a committee of the House of Commons. In this case the signing of legislation, and the conducting of official state business at the level of the monarchy

( presidency – analogous ) will be temporarily given to a ‘regency committee’.

Given the fact that high ranking members of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party during the election declared that Donald Trump was mentally unfit to govern, that he should not be given the ‘nuclear code’, that his behaviors and statements were irrational as well as unconstitutional, is it not appropriate to protect the ‘commonwealth’ by the passing of a ‘regency act’. This would not be the same as impeachment, since the president would remain an ‘invalid president’ with the hope that his condition would improve, and that could be attested to by a ‘committee of reappointment.’



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