Shifting shuffling mukluks of seal ( Poem )

Shifting shuffling mukluks of seal
Seen and Unseen
White out as
Snow slices air.
Shifting shuffling mukluks of seal
Electrons knife the ice
Tangentially chill
With a whistles will
An Inuit hunter
Clothed inside out and outside in by caribou hollow hair
Feels belly sweat trickle and suck
From steady snow shoe gait
Across tectonic tundra tummy
Of mothers’ molten gut
Eye slits in bone
On fault lines of stone
He listens to language of snow and gale
Senses tongue speaking from drifting trail
Homeward bound in swirling might
As frozen asteroids in cosmic flight
Crater his pupil in lunar impact
Nothing but blue pained light
Seen before the end of sight
In an day of night

About the author : Wally du Temple

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