Mercy Killing ( Poem )

I was a teacher driving to work
When I saw a golden retriever
Convulsing on the shoulder.
Ottawa freeway.
Victim of hit and run.
I pull over, stop, walk back.
Rain beating on glossy asphalt.
It’s screaming
Writhing in pain
Bleeding nose, bulging eyes, broken legs
Groans, gasps,
Cars swoosh past.
End its’ pain.

My cocker spaniel had died old
I had wept.

I spot a new fence post
Laying close to one standing, rotten
A massive blow to crack the cranium
Would give it peace.
No house, no sign of farmer with work in progress.
I lift the green post high
My muscles and heart hate the act
Though the mind says, “do it”
And with maximum power
To end the doggies pain
No failure and a second try!
Tears and driving rain
As a driver slows and stairs
At me Neaderthalic
With club
Strain in the ditch
To end the pain.
In white shirt muddied and wet
I wrapped the body in a car blanket
Wrote a note
Hit and run,
Put you friend to sleep
Then I headed home
To call in sick.

About the author : Wally du Temple

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