Heritage Restorations ( Prose )

Heritage Restorations

Are you searching for decoration tips
For your authentic colonial home renovation?
Where can you find wallpaper designs period correct?
You want to end your fussing about china décor, floral or?
You simply have to find fabric, pattern perfect.
Rats, the answer could be filed closer to your slippers than you think.
You see pack rats can be curators of wonderful collections.
They gather a random sampling of everyday things
And provide a look at how people lived in different eras.
Generations of rats can occupy the same nest
They amass piles of delightful refuse dusty and rank
Crammed into confined spaces of attics, eaves, or basements.
From the tiniest fragments of fabric, wallpaper, and wood
You can extrapolate the complete whole.
Sadly most old-house owners do not appreciate rats’ nests
Poor rats are not valued as archivists!
Come to think of it, even human curators are banished
To archival bins of basements, log cabins and self-storage units

About the author : Wally du Temple

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