Healing Over to Copulate ( Poem )

Healing Over to Copulate

A forceful gust healed my catboat
So I grasped a windward hold.
Beneath the boom amorous sailors
Held fast in close embrace.
White water overwhelmed the combing.
Wet clothing cold to flesh was clinging
The vibrating hinge keel hummed the hull
As the bodies of my shipmates trembled
Clinging each to each in ecstatic fervour.
The helm hardened.
No time to furl, disaster fast approaching.
Beneath the boom the male’s back arches
Both bodies stretch out
The iridescent gold is shifting
A pair of blue and silver dragon flies
Balanced on translucent wings
Make love.
Ooops, knocked down
The pair
Knocked up
On eight wings

About the author : Wally du Temple

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