Dutiful Mother awaits midnight moon
Cooks noodles
For boomerang kid

Chops sticks
Dancing in stir fry
Sand pipers in succulent estuary

Dog sniffs
Fermented bunny
Blue cheese?

Child loves bees
Sounds not sight
Curators conserve
Archival fragments


Midnight moon.

Mother cooks noodles

For boomerang kid


Chops sticks

Dancing in stir fry.

Sand pipers in succulent estuary


Dog sniffs

Fermented bunny

Blue cheese?


Child loves bees

If he spells



World War One Haikus

By: Wally du Temple


1914 / 1918

Trench cycles

Sixty days at front trenches

Thirty days at support trenches

One hundred Thirty days in reserve trenches

Sixty days of leave


Trenches in Europe

A Diachronic of war

In sunrise and sunset.


Over the top!

Cloud covered moon.

Gone too soon


Trench warfare

Battle of Marne



Trench warfare

Blue moon

In fetid puddle


Trench warfare

Battle of Ypres



Trench warfare

Incoming shells.

Exhume earth worms


Autumn leaves

Red from mortar.



Trench warfare

I’ll be home

By Christmas


Trench warfare

Loos-Artois Offensive



Clouds muffle sunrise

Dapple trenches

In shadow


Trench warfare

Red poppy

In no mans’ land


Yellow air

Summer sulphur

Dust in hair



Over trench mud.

Duck boards


Trench warfare

First Battle of the Somme



Trench warfare

Lovely bride

Where are you?


Rat nibbles

Under Orion.

Dead toes!


Trench warfare

Stars above.

Barbed wire


Chapel wall

Trench warfare.

Crumbled all


Trench warfare

Snow in hair.



Trench warfare

Battle of Passchendaele



Snipers and sentries

On the fire



Trench warfare

Naked bodies.




Summer solstice.

Dew droplets


Trench warfare

Food rancid.

Want to go home.


Desolate landscape

Where a field of bright mustard

Once grew


Trench gun fire

Marks morning hate

Come if you dare!


Did a bell toll

At Christmas?

Hearts pound.


Trench smell

Of gangrene.

No Christmas pudding


Dandelion blooms.

Burst of the sun

In the dark of life


Trench legs and arms

Bleed and fester.



Endearing flower


White milk in stem


Roar of biplane

Over trenches.

Fly boys.


Trench protection.

Mud parapets

And sand bags


All quite

On the western front.

Christmas carols


Trench ‘stand too’

At dawn

Guns readied!


Shattered frost

From barrel site.

Lee Enfield.


Trench rats

Eat brother’s body.

No morgue


Body lice

Despite delousing.

A scourge


Trench foot

Fungal infections.



Melted snow

From shell holes.



‘Trench’ glazed eyes

Far off.

Shell shock


The Hundred Days




A short night

Broken by incoming fire

Under a crescent moon



Thunders the ground

Peonies quiver


White dew.

One drop on each



Flak in air.

Bats flitting

Here and there


Sat on trench latrine. Geese!

A calligraphy in air

Pleads for peace


A horse tethered

To cannon.

Snow on withers


Over shattered meadows

White mist coming.

Gas mask!


Hello spider

I don’t like

Your fox hole


Trenches, strangely silent

At noon, no orioles

Or larks singing


Hunched scarecrow

Nothing to do.

Birds gone


Was that a bat

Or a rat

In disguise?


Trench warfare

Springs and summers



In the war to end all wars

They perished in all seasons

The two hundred thousand.

About the author : Wally du Temple

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