My Evenings With a Mouse

My Evenings With a Mouse

Once I shared by evenings with a mouse

By cliff face tall in tiny house

By Fraser river flow, near Chilliwack

By a truckers’ café I had my shack

One room, kitchen nook, and can,

Not enough for a married man.

Away from home five days a week.

I thought I was alone, but then – I

Found scat near breadbox tin

Found shavings near, and shredded socks.


And then a visitor let out a squeak

Bulging eyes and bristled nose

It stood upright, chin touched toes.

Were we lonely, would we find compassion?

Next four days I served supper to companion

Crumbs, pork, pasta and milk

Before I headed home to lingerie in silk.

Set out meat, cheese, fries, bread leftovers

Made it good for rodent stay-overs.

Returned, I found the timorous creature

Had met a most dastardly departure

It had looked for a watering hole.

Now it floated, dead and toilet-bloated

It seemed crude just to flush it away

So I carried it out for burial on a silver tray.

About the author : Wally du Temple

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