Bike Training For Mr. President Trump? ( prose )

Bike Training For Mr. President Trump?

Dear Mr. Editor;
It was my grand daughter’s sixth birthday when Donald Trump won the vote for President.
We are watching Hillary on television. Marilyn had wanted Hillary to win probably because I did. I had talked about the glass ceiling, how Hillary would break it, be the first woman President like Obama was the first black president. My grand daughter would have some barriers of sexism removed. Annoyed with the results, I flip to an old video of President Kennedy, as Marilyn starts opening her present, a red training bike. There on the screen is another Marilyn. “Look”, I say to Marilyn, “there is another Marilyn, Marilyn Monroe. ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ the voice of Marilyn Monroe fills the room. “Happy Birthday My Marilyn’ I sing. As I finish I say. “Look at your bike.”

“Thank you grandpa, can you teach me how to do it.?” “I can teach you how to ride it.” I said.

We unwrap it. I place the bike in the middle of the plush living room carpet and lift Marilyn onto the seat. I stabilize it. I switch back to CNN. A reporter talks about how Mr. Trump has no training to be President. “First of all”, I say, “you need to learn how to steer the bike.” The television says that Mr. Trump has no political experience. “Next don’t lean too much to the left or you might fall and hit something. Next don’t lean too much to the right because you can hurt yourself or someone else that way too.” The reporter says that Trump lacks balance and has no policy directions. “Know where you want to go before you start,” I say. “Before you start to steer make sure that you can feel your balance”. I gently released my hold so that she can feel the balance. “Don’t worry I’m here to steady you.” A reporter says that Mr. Trump is unqualified for the Presidency. “Next” I say,” We’re going to move while I hold the bike. Always be aware of your speed. Go neither too fast nor too slow.” Mr. Trump speaks aloud from the screen that he will do everything at once including the building of a wall against Mexico. “Use hand signals for turning. Obey the signs and rules of the road.” A reporter says that Trump might not obey the constitution and will ride rough over everyone. “ A rider should always be respectful of all other riders on the road no matter from where they come. Never stop abruptly but turn slowly and learn from where you have been before heading back. That way you can avoid the bad spots and choose the good pavement.” Someone says that illegal Latin children are going to be rounded up and deported. ‘Obama Care’ is going to be stopped and thrown out immediately and back to the old way period. “ Be polite, keep your bike clean, and always wear a helmet.” Swear words come from Mr. Trump. On the third try Marilyn completes a ride across the room to the television set as I hover over her. A reporter says that Mr. Trump dislikes immigrants, is crude, sexist, is racist and undisciplined and shows no respect for other politicians. “I am proud of you my dear Marilyn.” I say.” You are going to be a good and respectful rider, aren’t you.” “Yes grandpa.” She says. A question comes from the screen, “What type of President will Mr. Trump be?” Marilyn asks, “ Will Mr. Trump get some training too, grandpa?” I reply, “No, in a democracy no training is required to become Mr. President, nothing at all, no screening, just money and votes.” “Why grandpa?” She says.

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