Arrowmaker and Reconciliation

ARROWMAKERandReconciliation COVER PHOTO OF “ARROWMAKER” TITLE: ‘ARROWMAKER’ and “Reconciliation”       Post cover pages ‘Roman numerals’ re: author notes/ recommendations etc.   TABLE OF CONTENTS   1/ The Title and Cover: “Arrowmaker” and “Reconciliation” 2/ Reconciliation between Settlers and First Nations 3/ I heard The Eagles’ Piercing Cries 4/ The Matriarch of Tahltan 5/ […]

The President Lost His Pants

The President Lost His Pants The Irishman was known for humour, gift of gab, fast short hand, politics, and Esperanto. He was the head of the Hansard Publishing and Recording in the Canadian Parliament. He lost his pants before his scheduled presidential speech. He didn’t have another pair. His butt was bare except for boxers: no way for […]